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Debating Limits to Sustainable Development: A case study of Thailand from a cultural perspective on sustainable development in Southeast Asia.
Published by Heinrich Boell foundation with a contribution. by Mr. Karl Segschneider , May 2002.
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10 Years After Rio: Debating Development Perspectives.
Discussion on Sustainable Development, Publication Vol. 2 in the series of “Collection of Articles on the World Summit on Sustainable Development”. Published by Heinrich Boell foundation with a contribution by Mr. Karl Segschneider, May 2002.
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Summary Curricular for the National Municipal League of Thailand (NMLT) on:
        •  Stronger Leadership Skills and    Techniques (Module 1)
        •  Urban Management (Module2)
        •  Urban Environmental Management    (Module3)

Prepared for the Urban Planning and Management Project
Mr. Karl H. Segschneider With : Dr.Montri Kunphoommarl (Module 1)Associate Professor Usdanka Porananond (Module 2)Associate Professor Dr. Suporn Kootatep (Module 3)
Chiang Mai, October 26 th , 2001. Download file ==>