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01 June 2023
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Cooperation partners :

  Our firm closely cooperates with other consultants in line with a client’s wish and the need for the task at hand. We partner with universities, other companies, government and non-government organizations and individual experts. Below find some of our past and present cooperation partners.  

Centre for Ecological Economics (CEE), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
German Technical Cooperation (GTZ – Thailand)
German Technical Cooperation Eschborn
Heinrich Böll Foundation, Southeast Asia Office
Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin Headquarters
Kasertsat University, Bangkok
National Municipal League of Thailand (NMLT)
Regional Information Service Center for Southeast Asia on Appropriate Technology (RISE-AT),
Chiang Mai University

Royal Thai Ministry of Industry (MOIn)
Royal Thai Ministry of Interior (MOI)
Siemens, Germany
Thai German Institute (TGI)
Thai Research Fund (TRF)
Siemens Thailand Company Limited
German Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok
TU Aachen
Institut für Projektplanung (IP)

Shell International
Wild Asia
Royal Thai Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment
King Mongkut Institute of Technology
ASEAN       ...and others

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