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01 June 2023
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Our Services :

  Project development and implementation
     In line with a client defined project purpose and based on sustainable development and its relevant  rules,      regulations and standards
  Monitoring (locally and internationally)
      To assure a smooth transition from plan to  implementation to expected results  
  Facilitation and mediation
      To assist our clients and their target groups in  practical ways to  achieve project results and resolve conflicts.
  Strategic planning
      For sustainable bio-fuels and their standards from  the very beginning of a bio-fuel related project
      and / or  improved adaptation for existing plants.
  Preliminary standard audits and environmental  and social  impact assessments
     For investors to know the chances and risks at  designated project sites to pass standard audits and / or EIA/SIA      audits allows better financial planning and potential huge savings.
  Environmental and social impact assessments (in Thailand only)
      Together with teams from renowned Thai and  international universities we provide assessments in line with       and authorized under Thai laws and  regulations.
   Other services