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08 December 2023
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Southeast Asia Consult & Resource Co Ltd (SEA-C.R.) is a consultant firm specializing in practical, multi-layered projects and analytical and managerial support tools in the field of sustainable development. We service the public and private sectors, alike.
  Our expertise   Vision  
The firm’s expertise is in sustainability in its ecological, social, economical and political aspects, concepts and strategies of planning and development, renewable energy as well as national and international standards.
Our vision is to work in the field of sustainable development by bridging and promoting a positive relationship between the economy, society and the environment given the situation of increasing globalization of national economies and resources.
  Mission   Strategy  
Our mission is to apply equity for sustainable structures of economy, society and the environment; aiding sustainable development, livelihood and resource management by providing expert advice, facilitation, mediation and guidance in development related issues.
“Active listening” is the firm's primary strategy. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and stakeholders’ concerns, in order to provide tools for effective results.
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